Ferguson – a study in hatred

Why the blacks would pick Michael Brown as their poster child for injustice is beyond belief. As time goes by and tempers cool; I have no doubt that his true persona will come to light. He was in truth a big bully and if the video of his actions where he picks up the poor store clerk up with one arm and intimidates him; then when the store clerk tries to stop him at the door and Brown brushes him aside as though he was a bothersome flea; attitudes would change.

Trying to portray him as the


I wrote the following letter to every person in the government in 8/6/2006; President Clinton, Al Gore, Leadership of the House, Congress, my state Senator and even the Supreme Court and heard absolutely nothing back.

The problem an average small business employer faces

When we started our company, I was 54 years old and had sat behind a computer screen since 1965. So I wasn

Who am I?

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Alaska-My Salmon


Having fun in Alaska; catching a King Salmon.

Who am I? My profile is complex. I have done many things over the years; BS degree in mathematics from University of Houston, PB in accounting, IT guru in RF programming/communications software, worked on the Apollo mission-LEM Simulator software that was used to train the Astronauts (The LEM is the one they landed on the moon) as a systems engineer, worked on Plug & Play at Compaq on the original MS Windows BETA system, worked as consultant in IT and financial for thirty-two